Le Mans 2017 – An incredible finish between the #97 Aston Martin and the 63 Corvette C7.R. in the LM GTE Pro Class


Daniel Serra and Darren Turner benefited from Jonny Adam’s last effort that forced the #63 Corvette C7.R into a mistake resulting in the victory for the Aston Martin Vantage GTE in the GTE Pro class.

By SXMinfo Team, June 21, 2017 12:18

The finish at a 24 Hours of the Mans race had rarely been as thrilling as this GTE Pro class finish. Until the end of this full day race, Aston Martin and Corvette have emerged/proven to be the two brands that could potentially win in the category, as Porsche, Ford, and Ferrari seemed to be lagging behind this year.

The #97 Vantage of Daniel Serra, Darren Turner, and Jonny Adam had been taking the lead regularly during the entire race. After the #95 Aston Martin Vantage, which  had already  faced many issues during the race, crashed and ended up in the gravel just before 8:30,  the #97 Vantage turned out to be the last opponent of the #63 Corvette C7.R driven by Magnussen, Garcia, and Taylor.

While before noon Daniel Serra was fighting Jan Magnussen for third place, Jordan Taylor driving the American GTE (Corvette) and Jonny Adam at the wheel of the British Aston Martin fought for the final victory. After a first missed attempt, a shrewd move at the raccordement chicane was enough for Jonny Adams to take a decisive advantage in the second to last lap. The damage to the front of the Corvette put an end to their hope to win at Le Mans one more time – a hope that they had already given up in 2016 when Ford won.

“The car was great all week-end up until the last relay,” said Jonny Adam. “When I got the opportunity to pass the Corvette of Garcia, Magnussen, and Taylor, I took it. Unfortunately, I started too wide, and he could get ahead. The key was to stay focused on our goal, and it was great to have to fight until the finish. I dreamed of taking part in this race, and winning after a second attempt is a great accomplishment, particularly with these two guys who are great team members and who were very fast with the car.”

Pierre Mantello, Director, Osato Research Institute

A great asset

While the entrants at the GTE Pro wore Michelin tire, Aston Martin used tires from Dunlop, a difference that Darren Turner highlighted when mentioning this weekend’s results.

The tandem Turner-Adam played the role of big brother to the Brazilian Daniel Serra whom Aston Martin had recruited for the season. Serra has a long history with Dunlop for whom he worked as a tire test driver. “I’m grateful to AMR, Dunlop, and my team members who helped me understand several things, the race, how it works. I just won the greatest sports car race,” said Serra.

Immun’Âge® at Le Mans 2017

When Aston Martin came back to Le Mans in 2005, Osato Research Institute became one of their technical sponsors, taking care of the wellbeing of the AMR drivers with Osato’s food supplement Immun’Âge®. Immun’Âge®’s role consists in helping the drivers fight the oxidative stress i.e. the excess of free radicals generated in their bodies during the race and reduce the resulting DNA alterations caused by oxidative stress. Immun’Âge® can thus help drivers recover faster after the race.

Yuki Hayashi, CEO of OSATO International Inc. and Osato Research Institute, Pierre Mantello, Director of Osato Research Institute, Florent Letuvée, webmaster of Osato Distribution World and chief editor of news media SXMINFO, and Bernard Rifa, Director of Osato Distribution France, together with Golf Pro player Julien Sellam, attended the 24 hours of Le Mans 2017. They were able to witness and appreciate the excellent work of all the members of the AMR team. The Immun’Âge® team was ecstatic when #97 Vantage’s drivers Daniel Serra, Darren Turner, and Jonny Adam climbed to the highest step of the podium for GTE.

“Aston Martin Racing wins a race for the fourth time at Le Mans, after their 2007 and 2008* victory in GT1, and their 2014 victory in GTE Am, and this is really great!” said Pierre Mantello to our editor.

A small historical reference

A few days earlier, Automobile Club de l’Ouest President Pierre Fillon presented Aston Martin President David Richards with the Spirit of Le Mans trophy, an award bestowed for making history at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

* With Darren Turner as a team member

Editor’s note: Darren Turner had expressed what he thought of Immun’Âge® in an article published in United Airlines Leader’s Review magazine. “Flights between Japan and England, shakedown and/or qualification sessions, all this takes a toll on my body! With Immun’Âge®, I can manage this hectic life better and practically without suffering from jet lag. I always take Immun’Âge® before flying to reduce jet lag effects. The constant tension always left me exhausted after an endurance race. With Immun’Âge® I recover much faster. I could not have imagined such recovery before discovering Immun’Âge. It really makes a difference when it comes to managing recovery as it helps me fight oxidative stress.”

Race results – Final classification for the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours:

1. Porsche #2 (LMP1)
2. Oreca-Gibson #38 (Jackie Chan DC Racing) (LMP2)
3. Oreca-Gibson #37 (Jackie Chan DC Racing) (LMP2)
4. Alpine-Gibson #35 (Signatech Alpine Matmut) (LMP2)
# 13 Vaillante Rebellion team Oreca-Gibson was disqualified, resulting in Jackie Chan DC Racing’s second car to claim the third step on the podium.

#8 Toyota (LMP1) crossed the finish line in 9th place.

Aston Martin Vantage #97 (Aston Martin Racing)
Ford GT #67 (Ford Chip Ganassi Team UK)
Corvette C7.R #63 (Corvette Racing – GM)

Ferrari 488 monopolize the GTE Am podium
Ferrari 488 GTE #84 (JMW Motorsport)
Ferrari 488 GTE #55 (Spirit of Race)
Ferrari 488 GTE #62 (Scuderia Corsa)


Sources: Pierre Tassel – AutoHebdo – Aston Martin Racing – Pierre Mantello (Immun’Âge / Osato)


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