Fermented Papaya Product Immun’Âge and Skin Aging: A New Study

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Aging is a complex process caused by multiple factors, both hereditary and environmental. Skin cells are constantly exposed to strong oxidants and free radicals – known as reactive oxygen species (ROS) – and oxidative stress caused by external and/or internal sources. The skin is naturally endowed with an antioxidant machinery that is not fully efficient as seen most obviously in aging.

A new study testing the fermented papaya product Immun’Âge® on skin aging has just been published. The goal of this study is to determine whether taking Immun’Âge® could improve the physiological skin antioxidant mechanisms and key ‘skin gene expression’ thus boosting anti-aging effect on the skin.

The results of this study suggest that the antioxidative properties of Immun’Âge® provide benefits against skin aging as they trigger a consistent biological and gene-regulatory improvement at skin level. The skin moisturization mechanisms improve and the skin becomes smoother and regains elasticity. It counteracts the environmental factors that accelerate skin aging.

Scientific reference: “Testing a quality-controlled fermented nutraceutical on skin aging markers: an antioxidant-controlled, double-blind study”. Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. Spandidos Publications. Nicolas Zerbinati. May 15, 2015


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