UN Climate Change Conference Paris 2015


The 21st Paris Climat Conference or COP21 – the world’s biggest conference on climate change – started on November 30, 2015, in Paris. Climate change has become one of the most crucial global challenges in the 21st century. More than 150 countries will take part in the conference with the goal to control global temperature rise. “Never before has a conference received so many authorities from so many countries. And never – truly never – have the stakes of an international meeting been so high. For the future of the planet, and the future of life, are at stake,” said French President Francois Hollande who welcomed the 150 Heads of State and Government.

In her article “Rising Climate Fears Bring Urgency to Paris Meeting “on abcnews.go.com journalist Ashtaa Chaturvedi, outlined what is at stake as well as the various points of contention among the participants.


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