David Redor in Miami for his 4th marathon of 2016…


One, two, three, four marathons… and 48 more to complete his 2016 challenge!

David seems to have picked the right pace. He knows that he should not push his body too hard, and indeed, he is managing the situation very well. Being humble helps him cope with this tough challenge, 52 marathons within one year. He remains level-headed running in a “smooth and harmonious manner…” while carefully preserving his body. David does a good job at this.

As always, let David captivate us in telling the story of his Miami marathon. See you next week in Alabama!

A beautiful but cold fourth marathon in Miami” by David Redor

3:50 am. I wake up forty minutes before my alarm clock goes off but I don’t feel tired. I have slept for seven hours, so I feel good.

I go outside to check the temperature. The weather report was right: apparent temperature 39° F and a cold wind, just as forecast.

P1220115-1140x800-1I’ll wear the same outfit as for my first marathon, i.e. two layers for the legs, three for the top, gloves and a headband with ear warmers.

I eat a light breakfast as last night pasta had filled me up well. I have a freshly squeezed orange juice, cold milk and cereal.

I get dressed. It’s 5:30 and it’s time to walk to the starting line ten minutes away from my apartment. It’s convenient. However, it’s really cold out there with gusty winds. My equipment will protect me perfectly all morning long.

The starting line is crowded. Reaching the start corral to which we are assigned is a mess as there are 25,000 runners registered for the marathon and the half marathon.

I thread my way through the crowd for five minutes before reaching my starting position in corral D.

A French runner stops me after having read what’s written on the back of my T-shirt. He wants us to take a picture as he finds my project totally out-of-this-world. We discuss preparation and recovery, and I talked to him about how easy it is for me to recover because of mmun’Âge®. I tell him to check the product online and test it as it really helps me recover – And God knows how much I need it for this project. As a matter of fact, I can recommend it to each athlete as well as people in general, as this 100% natural antioxidative product reduces oxidative stress and really helps you feel much better.

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I am really thankful to Pierre and Florent for sponsoring me throughout my marathon challenge this year with their tiptop antioxidative product, Immun’Âge®.

6 am. The race starts at corral A, then B, and so on… We start eight minutes after corral A.

The race starts swiftly as this is a fast marathon course. I start right away towards Miami Beach at 9 minutes per mile. Keeping the same pace I run over two bridges and up two slopes without any trouble. I feel in great shape today, and this is a good sign.

People start offering encouragements and kudos that will continue over the entire run. I really appreciate them and they add a smile to my face.

There is a great deal of respect among runners. As a marathon runner, you know how hard and traumatic this sport can be. Marathon runners can easily imagine what one marathon per week represents as they usually run two to three marathons a year.

I recall very nice encouragements I got today: “Good job, Crazy Dave!”, “Keep it up!”, “It’s impressive, brother!”, “You rock, man!”, “Strike high, Dave!”, “You’re amazing!”, “Awesome!”, “52 marathons? No way!”, “You’re crazy!” among others. A runner even tapped my shoulder, took off his hat and bowed to me. How nice they all were! Thanks to everyone.

We reach the mystical Ocean Drive. I see a surfer in her wet suit that goes toward the water at dawn. Beautiful!

P1240018-e1453673517979We go up South Beach, two or three curves, and we reach 10 km in 58 minutes. It’s awesome, and we go on, returning to Miami over the two bridges for the second time: I run over the first one at the same pace, but walk the second one which is steeper; a small loop and we are back to the starting line at 20 km in two hours which is very good for me. I complete the half marathon in 2 hours, 07 minutes. I did not feel the first half of the race, which is a good sign. I feel great mentally and physically, and it’s just what is needed for running a marathon.

I haven’t had a 4:14 pace base for a marathon for a long time, and I am very happy about it. If I had been running only one marathon, I would have kept this rhythm, but I know that I need to slow down in order to conserve the body for my remaining 48 marathons. I have time to do this with such a good half marathon time.

A runner recognizes me from last week’s marathon in the Bahamas. Cool. I walk across a steep bridge at 14 miles, before resuming running back slowly towards Coconut Grove. Flowers thrive on the avenues, and palm trees scroll by as do the miles: 15, 18 and at mile 20 we run back towards Downtown Miami. It’s still very cold, with gusty winds, but I feel great thanks to my outfit that will keep me warm.

The end of the race is near. I slowed down to 14 minutes per mile, and take time to enjoy myself. At mile 24, a crazy runner who is naked to the waist passes me: I am telling myself that he has lost it and is ready for the loony bin!

At the finish line, there is a great, festive atmosphere. I finish in 5 hours 11 minutes 46 seconds. The cut off time was limited to 6 hours, but they were nice about it and registered the last finisher at 7 hours 30 minutes. Kudos to him!

At the finish line, runners from Costa Rica want us to take a picture together, which I do with great pleasure. They thank and congratulate me before we go our own ways. I drink a refreshing, welcome beer (There is beer left today!), and I sit on a bench for fifteen minutes enjoying this great moment before heading to my apartment.

I would have loved to have gotten a massage but there were none – a bit of a letdown.

To be honest, I was not stressed during the race. My timing was far from excellent and does not reflect how well and comfortable I felt today. For a brief moment, I wanted to run under five hours, knowing I can do so, but I later decided against it, as I am not supposed to tire my body more than necessary out of a misplaced sense of pride. It is important never to get overexcited, and crucial to stay humble, always.

In short, I had a great morning with renewed feelings; I fell mentally very well, and physically energized. As I write this, I’m still not tired (it will hit me later, no doubt!) and I do not feel I just ran 26.2 miles: I feel exactly as I did when I used to run 100 km.

We enjoyed a big beautiful blue sky with a bright sun, which unfortunately never got hot enough to warm us up during the race. But Miami will always be Miami, and to run here is absolutely great, so I won’t complain! In addition, many thanks to the Miami police and their warm encouragements all along the course!

See you next week in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


Follow David Redor on his official site: http://david-redor.com


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